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The company Modul, d.o.o. specializes in making board games, providing all the associated parts needed for a complete gaming experience. Our offer includes the following:

    Game boards: We manufacture game boards in various sizes, shapes and materials. We adapt to your requirements regarding the design, graphics and functionality of the board.
    Play parts made of solid cardboard, plastic, wood: We offer production of play parts from various materials, such as solid cardboard, plastic and wood. Our team is dedicated to producing quality and durable parts that will meet your specific requirements.
    Game instructions: We also ensure the creation of clear and attractive game instructions that will contain all the necessary rules, strategies and information that will allow players to play correctly.
    Playing cards: We produce quality playing cards, which are an important part of many board games. Different sizes, shapes and materials of cards are available, adapted to your wishes and needs.
    Cardboard inserts, plastic inserts, other parts: We also offer you the production of cardboard inserts, plastic inserts and other necessary parts for your board game. These parts will organize the game components and provide storage convenience and make it easier to set up and play the game.

When making board games, we adapt to your requirements in terms of design, materials and quantities. Our expert team will help you design and choose the best solutions for your board game.

For more information about our board game development offerings, including pricing, minimum quantities, and customization options, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. We will be happy to advise and help you create the perfect board game.