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We are pleased to have the opportunity to present our offer for the laminating service. The company Modul, d.o.o. specializes in high-quality laminating and offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of various companies in the industry.

Our laminating service enables the bonding of different materials to different surfaces, which enables the creation of stronger, more durable and aesthetically appealing products. Regardless of whether you need lamination for packaging materials, advertising products, advertising materials or other purposes, we are at your disposal with our expertise and experience.

Lamination of cardboard packaging made of solid cardboard up to a thickness of 3 mm:

  • Minimum width: 35 mm
  • Maximum width: 400 mm
  • Minimum length: 80 mm
  • Maximum length: 600 mm
  • Minimum height: 15 mm
  • Maximum height: 210 mm

Flat laminating solid cardboard up to 6 mm thickness:

  • Minimum width: 150 mm
  • Maximum width: 740 mm
  • Minimum length: 200 mm
  • Maximum length: 1040 mm

Advantages of cooperation with us:

Quality: We provide high quality products and services. Our team of experienced professionals carefully select materials and use the latest equipment to achieve the best results.

Flexibility:We understand that the needs of every business are different, so we are flexible and adapt to your requirements. We offer a wide selection of materials, colors, thicknesses and formats to meet your specific needs.

Speed: We understand how important it is to deliver finished products on time. That is why we are committed to completing the lamination within the agreed deadlines without compromising quality.

Comprehensive solutions: In addition to laminating, we can also offer you other related services such as printing, cutting and shaping. We work with reliable partners to provide comprehensive solutions for your projects.

Customer satisfaction:Customers come first for us. We strive to approach every business with professionalism and excellent communication. Our satisfied customers are our best reference.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and assure you that we will make every effort to meet your requirements and expectations. For additional information, questions or orders, please contact us by e-mail or phone.