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The company Modul, d.o.o. offers you the opportunity to participate and cooperate in arranging the production of various products, including displays, folders, metal parts, printing with various techniques, lamination and gluing.

Our cooperation offer includes the following services:

Production of displays: Together with our cooperative partners, we can help you in the design and production of various displays that can be used to promote your products or services. We work with experienced designers who will help you create an attractive and functional display that will stand out on the market.

Leaflet production: Our team will help you design and produce leaflets, which are an excellent tool for presenting your products, company or special promotions. We will make sure that the design of the leaflets is attractive, and the content is clear, informative and convincing.

Production of metal parts: We work with specialized cooperative partners for the production of metal parts. Whether it is metal brackets, frames, enclosures or other metal components, we provide you with high quality products that meet your specifications and requirements.

Printing with different techniques: We offer printing with different techniques, including offset printing, digital printing, UV varnishing and hot printing. With this, we can achieve various effects such as high resolution, vibrant colors, embossed finishes and other special effects that will be tailored to your wishes and needs.

Laminating and gluing: We also take care of laminating your products, which ensures their durability, resistance to moisture and wear. We also offer gluing services that enable the assembly of various components or materials for the final product.

In cooperation, we adapt to your specific requirements regarding shape, size, quantity and other details. We work with experts who have many years of experience and provide high-quality products and quick service.