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Modul, Ltd. offers specialized puzzle production services using purpose-made cardboard. Our range includes the manufacture of puzzles in various dimensions.

  • Puzzle Laminating
      We perform the process of laminating, which ensures the firmness and stability of the puzzles. The puzzles are adhered to a solid cardboard base, which allows them to be correctly assembled and ensures a long lifespan.

  • Die Cutting
      We use high-quality die cutting knives for precise cutting of individual puzzle pieces. We guarantee that the edges are clear, the lines are even, and the parts are completely separated, enabling smooth and easy puzzle assembly.

  • Crushing
      After cutting, we can perform a crushing phase, which allows easy separation of individual parts from surplus waste. This will make the final product ready for further processing.

  • Box Laminating
      In addition to the puzzles themselves, we can also provide lamination of the box that will serve as packaging for storage and transport. This step will ensure protection and organization of the puzzles when they are not in use.

  • Packaging and Vacuum Sealing
      We can package and vacuum seal the final puzzle sets, ensuring freshness and safe delivery of the products. This ensures that the puzzles will be in perfect condition when they reach the end-users.

Our manufactured puzzles are of high quality, precise and attractive. We adapt to the dimensions and requirements of customers, ensuring satisfaction throughout the manufacturing process.

For more information about our puzzle manufacturing offer, including pricing, minimum quantities, and customization options, we invite you to contact us by phone or email. Our professional team will be happy to advise and assist in choosing the best puzzle manufacturing solution for your needs.