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Inquiry Manufacture of plastic products

We have achieved a high level of trust with our customers due to excellent customer service, good prices, consistent quality and regular deliveries of small quantities, which is reflected in the fact that we use and store a large amount of our customers' capital in the form of tools that they have ordered from us and on which we manufacture their specific products. Until a few years ago, we mainly produced plastic parts for board games, but now a large part of our output is made up of more complex technical parts for our customers.

Due to the specificity of the materials and the use of the products, the development and, above all, the experience, brought many employees in this field a deepening of their knowledge, which in turn also strengthens our competitive abilities.

In the plastics plant, we have 7 injection moulding machines (from 50–250 tons power), machines are also equipped with a robot, which further increases the productivity of the machines.

We process various plastic granulates: PS, PP, PE, PA, ABS, POM, PC… and we use injection moulding to manufacture different types of products such as:

  • Board games components
  • Dice
  • Components of creative games
  • Miscellaneous toys
  • Complex technical products
  • Other


  • Active power: from 50t to 250t
  • Injection moulding machines are equipped with robots to increase productivity
  • Weight of milled part from 68g to 618g
  • The volume of moulded parts ranges from 74cm3 to 679cm3
  • Dimensions of moulded parts range from 200×200mm to 350×500mm

View plastic catalog PDF